Thursday, January 24, 2008

Right Now!

I just got tagged by Donna.....and I must blog about what I am doing right now.

Welllll.....I am at work, so I shouldn't even be doing all this scrappy stuff. But, hey, the boss is out of the office at the moment so I can risk farting around a little bit. I am alternating between real work (insertion orders, traffic instructions, and general media mayhem) and checking my personal emails, scrap message boards and stressing about Scrapbook Alley this weekend. I am also weeding through all the silly emails my co-workers distribute - which is the source of the picture of walnuts. Don't ask....we are usually punchy around here....

I am sipping Diet Coke, and shame on me....eating Milk Duds (breakfast of champions). Every now and then I get up and watch the rain out the window. Rain is a big event around here.

It doesn't sound like alot, and I don't have great visual aids, but that is it in a nut shell....a walnut shell, get it?

Now I am tagging Jennifer, Jessica, Trish and Princess Posh.....ha! Get to it!

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jennalee said...

Hey Nan, just checking by. Hope to see you at CHA. Let me know when you are going to be there.