Monday, September 24, 2007

No Shopping Challenge (*ouch*)

Ok, so the WhoGAS YAhoo! Group has issued a challenge, and I signed up. The NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE starts Thursday and goes until October 26 - the day before I attend the Ontario Scrapbook Expo. I will certainly be all pent up by then, so those vendors will make out just fine! Let's see how much money I save!

Here are the rules (as published on our group site).....and I already tried to find loop holes to no avail.

1. Absolutely no shopping for scrapbooking supplies - no pp, no bling, no ribbon, no staples, no stamps, ink or cardstock.
2. You MAY buy photo paper if you print your photos at home, printer ink and adhesive. If you have your photos printed at a store that cost is also allowed. We need photos and we need to stick them down.
3. If you are already a member of a monthly kit club this is also allowed, just do not sign up for a new one during this time period.
4. I also allow the cost for crops and classes. These are opportunities for us to scrap those pictures. I do caution that some classes require you to buy certain supplies for the class, try not to sign up for those, but I will be lenient only because they will be used in that class, and not gather dust on our shelves.
5. I will also allow the purchase of magazines and 1 book - this is for inspiration. I know all to well that the shopping is also a source of inspiration for us. So I am just narrowing down the source to books and magazines. If you are strong enough to "window" shop by all means do it.
6. Lastly have fun and scrap!! I know a month is a long time, and sometimes we fall off the wagon. It's OK, this challenge also serves as a way to at least curb your shopping and make you be creative with the supplies you have. When you complete layouts please post in the album I am setting up in the photos section, or post a link to or where ever you typically post your layouts. We can all serve as inspiration and motivators to each other.

The Who Gives a Scrap Yahoo Group (WhoGAS for short) is fun despite this numbing challenge. I think it will be harder than when I tried to cut down on Diet Coke! Join us!

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