Friday, September 21, 2007

I Admit I am Powerless Over Alluring Scrapbook Supplies

As a follow up to the previous post about over-stocked scrap supplies.....

This past week I was counting the days to Friday for payday. I was a tad stretched this cycle and didn't plan well (not to mention my big unplanned purchase of a Revolution - that's a whole other story) and didn't have any play money this week. But anyway, I was taking a break at work yesterday at lunch and decided to stroll the aisles of Michael's for a few minutes....just looking. I knew I needed practice for the NO SHOPPING challenge on the WhoGAS board next month, but I had no idea what a problem I have! Even though I was chanting in my head "no money" walking into the store, I still took a basket and hooked it on my arm. I still placed fabulous clearance items and pretty things into the basket. I had to snap myself out of it and neatly put everything back, telling myself, it will be here Friday....don't worry. I am SICK SICK SICK.....and wondering how many others are out there just like me. September 27-October 26 will be the longest 30 days in history. But I am up to the challenge.....use ONLY what I have in hand. Ha! I am the master of my domain (hee hee - Seinfeld reference). I am Scrappy, hear me roar (or at least whine a little).

BTW, the photo was taken by Franny and is her 42" high partial view of my scrap closet organizer (pre-most recent tidying). Trust me, I have a ton more supplies than shown here!

Happy Friday...Happy Weekend....Happy Rainstorm here in the OC.

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hiscrappergirl said...

Me too, I went into Joanns the other day and did the same thing: only get the xyron and adhesive - nothing else, $$$ later more stuff. The sad thing is that I scrapbook shop everywhere: the grocery store, Walmart, Target, Home Depot you name it I will find something scrapbooking related!! I am just as sick as you are :)