Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eclectic Paperie

I love how in the scrap world I get the chance to meet wonderfully creative people - more creative, energetic than me! I met such a gal a couple weeks ago - Daisy Sparks. She attended my Zutter class at Angel's and then later shot me a hello email. I learned that she and her partner have started an online store that sells beautiful papers and products and provides creative inspiration in a very cool, funky format. Besides that - they have given great shout-outs to the Bind-it-All and DreamKuts. Check it out. I also love that she is in my neighborhood in Orange County - and I love her name. Daisy's are such "happy" flowers.

Good Luck Daisy!


Daisy said...

Hey Nan!
Thank you for your kind words. It was a fun class. If Nan is's a fun time for all. We get a lot of typos in everyone's excitement to check out the website:

Feed your creativity!

Nan said...

Ha! I fixed the typo! Dang! I hate when that happens. ;)